Providing knowledge graphs

KBox is a natural extension of the Web on your computer.

Share resources

A common repository where users can share resources without duplication.

Command-line or library

Use KBox either as a command-line program or a library in your application.

SPARQL Endpoint

Make your dataset available through a SPARQL endpoint in seconds.

Ready-to-query Knowledge

Virtually install and readily query distributed RDF knowledge bases.

We are open for collaboration!

Knowledge Graphs

Our team

Edgard Marx

Project Manager
Lead Developer
Edgard is a Research Assistant at the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK) and is pursuing a PhD at the University of Leipzig.

Tommaso Soru

Tommaso is a Research Assistant and PhD candidate at the University of Leipzig.

Ciro Baron N.

Ciro is based in Berlin and is also a PhD candidate at the University of Leipzig.

Sandro Coelho

Sandro is a Master student at Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil, and a research intern at InfAI, Leipzig, Germany.

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